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There are several forts ansd places to visit. Whether the forts are petite , large , and attractive but all of them are related to some History &  Culture in Rajasthan. This Travel destination in India has seen passed through the phase of happiness , soreness , tranquility , fighting , magnificence , and desolateness. There are several forts and palaces in Rajasthan that magnify thousands of tourists from all over the world but on the other hand some of the forts are out of track and is observed with no visitors but only few birds or cattle. Rajasthan Tourism is full of stories about kings, their gorgeous queens , war , victory , death and so on.

This Travel destination in India has been through the chaotic times. It was frequently facing the attacks from the Mughals and British armies. During the period of Rajput rulers when they were ruling the territory with peace and harmony moreover they live up to the mark. Prior to the democratic system, when the kings had constructed forts and palaces to offer groceries for labor programs during the time of famine. Moreover they would present a piece of lands to their beloved courtier, and secondly construct palaces to home their attendants of wives. During a Travel to Rajasthan there are so many Travel Destinations in Rajasthan where the evenings of the rulers are lawless, full with dancing girls and the tempting dinners including of all that whatsoever they have hunted.

Everything that was carried on just for the sake of king’s happiness.In this vacation destination horse trading was an ordinary practice that was preformed by the rulers. In the tour to Rajasthan there is a Jai Mahal that was constructed by a human being who was notorious for his deceitful shrewdness and cunning political alliances. Moreover, he faced the consequences for his greediness and overconfidence.The remains of this person are the marvelous contentment of the house constructed by him. The Chittorgarh Fort is the renowned location for the love story of Allaudin Khilji. The lovesick Allaudin makes an attempt to clutch off the queen of Chittor. When he was not succeeded he announces war against them.

Summary: Lots of big events, stories and wars are related to this Beautiful Travel Destination in India which increases the knowledge of an individual. Rajasthan Tour is full of excitement and adventurous as you would love to see the folk dances, Rajasthan cuisines and artificial jewellery.But in order to get maximum enjoyment you may opt for Rajasthan tour packages


Chokhi Dhani is a resort situated in Jaipur with huts and Choki Dhani is a Must visit Travel destination in Rajasthan. All modern facilities like bed, TVs and washrooms are there. Even though,conference hall is also there for business need. My friend visited this place last week.

He enjoyed a lot with cultured tradition of that village. He enjoyed different folks, live dance and music performance performed in the evening that is the main attraction of this place. If we talk about Rajasthan Tourism then we should talk about this place. This place has its own beauty to attract visitors.

If a visitor wants to know about Rajasthan Tourism and Rajasthan Tour Packages , Chokhi Dhani comes to the list. We can see the Arts and Crafts , know the History and Culture in Rajasthan. For the entertainment they provide Rajasthani Dance in this village. We also get opportunity for watching Indian dances , Rajasthani cuisine , artificial jewelry, and finger rings etc.  Chokhi Dhani is also famous for its business gathering and personal visits.

Rajasthan is the land of forts and palaces , some large , some small , some pretty, some plain, but all of them with a history. The land has seen pleasure, pain, peace, war, luxury, and desert barrenness. Some forts and palaces attract hordes of visitors, while some stand off the beaten track, seeing none but a quiet bird or stray cattle. Each of the forts and palaces in Rajasthan has a tale to tell, a tale from the days gone by, when kings rode off to war, and beautiful queens awaited victory or death, depending on the outcome of the battle.

Rajasthan has seen turbulent times. It was constantly under attacks either from Mughals , British armies , and the Marathas, or faced the destruction caused when Rajput rulers fought each other over territory.

Certain pockets of the region, where rulers made peace with their enemies, or learnt how to hunt with hounds and run with foxes, the grim toll of battle was less. Here, the palaces are more beautiful, the forts less foreboding, and the atmosphere – even after centuries – more relaxed.

When the Rajput rulers were not at war, they lived it up in style. Before the days of democracy, when the rulers had free reign over the land, they built forts and palaces to provide food for work programs in months of famine. They could gift lands to their favorite courtier, and build palaces to house their retinue of wives and concubines. Their pleasure palaces saw evenings of riotous living, complete with dancing girls and dinners consisting of whatever they had hunted that day.

Those were times of intrigue, when plots were hatched and the king’s pleasure was everything. While horse trading is a common political practice today as well, in the days of yore, it posed some threat to life and liberty. The Jai Mahal, for example, was built by a man who was known for his Machiavellian cunning and crafty political alliances. Of course, he suffered for his greed and arrogance, and all that remains of him is the splendid pleasure house he built.

The Chittorgarh Fort is the site of the famous “love story” of Allaudin Khilji. The infatuated Allaudin tried to carry off the beauteous, and much married, queen of Chittor. When he failed, he resorted to battle. He never got her though, for the queen committed suicide and her husband, the king of Chittor, died with his army of Rajput soldiers fighting Allaudin’s mighty army. The grim fort has now passed into the legend, and visitors will be taken to see the underground cellars where the beautiful Padmini stepped into flames to save herself from Allaudin.

You will hear many other stories, about kings and commoners, men and women, warriors and traders, as you begin your journey to the forts and palaces of Rajasthan.